• Rhonda

Creating a little piece of paradise

Well here I am finally stepping off the edge of my safe little box!

For years I have researched and absorbed all the information I could find about alternative methods of building but never had that last little bit of confidence I needed.

Five years ago I found myself in Nayarit, Mexico with the opportunity to purchase a lot which started the next great adventure in my life. I spent the following 18 months clearing weeds and bonding with my new patch of dirt, listening, looking, figuring and refiguring. The stars aligned, my path cleared and off I went head first into the unknown.

My work for the previous 18 years was in art and sculpture so really this was a continuation of that except much messier. Did I mention I happen to LOVE playing in the dirt?

Welcome to my Superadobe Journey, where each day, good, bad or upside down is a great experience and part of the dream I hope to share with you.

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